Audio Problems


Audio Problems


Audio Problems in your Video and Podcast Recordings!


Due to the Covid-19 many of you are staying home and experimenting with making Videos and recording Podcasts. And you wish your videos of your Kids Playing, Anniversary, Get-together, Marriage to be uploaded fast. So that your friends and relative also witness the events. While shooting a video (Outdoor or Indoor) with your camera and phone you will be facing many “Audio Challenges” like the sound of a Paper while reading it out, passing Car, Flight, Thunder, Wind, Distortion, Background Noise and if everything is good sometime you will get an static or Ground Loop, Low Audio, etc. etc.

And you will be looking for a Fast and Quick Fix for your Audio problems. At this moment you will be thinking should i can get an audio services which says FAST SERVICE or REGULAR SERVICE. Which one will be better. As fast service is always charged high comparing with regular service. But will it do the same or better job than the regular service.

If you continue reading you will understand how these problem solving service is worked out.

Today we have all the technology to Dissect an Audio and find the problem in Range of frequencies. We have known for some time that audio consist of frequency Ranges.

1. Sub Bass having frequency from 15Hz to 60 Hz
2. Bass having frequency from 60 Hz to 250 Hz
3. Lower Mid Range from 250 Hz to 500 Hz
4. Mid Range 500 kHz to 2 kHz
5. Higher Mid Range from 2 kHz to 4 kHz
6. Presence 4 kHz to 6 kHz.
7. Brilliance from 5 kHz to 20 kHz (which is high pitched something like whistles).

Now here comes the formula of science. The formula is if you have a problem. First understand the problem. Second, ways of solutions to solve the problem. Third experiment with the solutions. Fourth measure your results. Fifth solving the problem.

Once you master this formula of science and understand the problem you will find the solutions. The faster you find the problem the faster you will find the solution.

Well once you master your ears to find the problem of your audio, solving it will become easy. Ofcourse the processing with the modern software takes it own time, each time we try to correct a problem. Which again depends on the CPU and GPU of the system.

Coming back to the question whether fast edit or long edit will make a difference. If you are dwelling on this question for answers. Then the answer is Yes, it will sound as good as a slow and long edit.

So the conclusion is the faster you find the problem your audio will be clear of all the glitches.

But you don’t have to brain storm so much just contact SoundMist. They will provide you FAST and AFFORDABLE service for all your audio recording problems.

Here is the link: or you can write to them


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